24 March 2014

Weekly Wishes #35

Let's recap on last week's goals!

• Start on a new book.
Finally started on 'A Singapore Love Story' by local author Low Kay Hwa. I haven't been doing well on the reading goals, but at least it is still ongoing instead of giving up halfway through.

• Send out parcel for Mystery box.
I had gather up the items for this swap, all wrapped and ready to box up. Weee!

• Change a new mouse for home desktop.
Didn't get this check because there are so many varieties out there and I haven't got the chance to discuss with brother on the type and price range he prefer. It shall be done when he is back from camp tomorrow.

This week's goals:
• Slouch no more. Lately I have been slouching, a lot. I wonder if my shoulder/back ache is due to this.
• Be a lazy girl no more. There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman. Or so they say, which is kinda true actually. I need to be less lazy when it comes to routine for facial and hair.
• Brainstorm and work on anniversary gift. If you don't already know, I suck at gifts. J and I don't normally gift each other, even on anniversaries. We would rather eat to our hearts' content, actually. Last year I gave J quite a few surprises, surprisingly. This year, it seems he has something up his sleeves, so I am going to give something in return to appease that possible guilt in me. Any ideas?

Happy National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, noms! (LOL.) Well, I don't fancy raisins that much, so I'm munching onto a bar of Kinder Bueno as we speak. It's crazy how the last week of March is already here! Although I don't quite agree with the speed of how the time is flying past, I am welcoming April with my arms wide. Ok, maybe it is due to the fact J and I are celebrating our sixth year anniversary. Maybe.

Have a good week ahead! xo

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