31 March 2014

Weekly Wishes #36

Let's recap on last week's goals!

• Slouch no more.
I still do when I am at work, trying to understand why certain simple things have to be done by me. Just kidding, but yes, I do slouch still when I'm deep in thoughts. At least I try to make it a point not to do so while walking and standing, so yay!

• Be a lazy girl no more.
Quite proud of myself this week! I managed to slap a pair of eye mask on Wednesday and a full face yesterday. Woohoo! Next step is to make sure I put on hair product before heading to bed.

• Brainstorm and work on anniversary gift.
I managed to decide on one and am done with brainstorming! Probably I can get it done before the end of this week. Eeeek!

This week's goals:
• Start journaling! This is my April Directive, totally looking forward to get it started!
• Clear iPhone photo albums. Spring cleaning time!
• Stock up bubble envelopes and boxes. Bubble envelopes are easy to find, stationery stores and Daiso outlets have them. It is the boxes hunt that is killing me!
• Have fun this weekend! The peeps are planning a get together and the attendance is full, the plus point is that Em will be in town too! Woohoo! Though, I am keeping my fingers crossed to not turn into awkward turtle. It has been quite a while since I last met up with them. Yikes.

Felt a little reluctant to start a brand new working week, but the day kicked off well after sending out the overdue packages. Sucky thing is that I got stuck at the post office for half an hour because I didn't have a box and had to purchase one from them, which means I had to do my packing there and then too. I seriously hope I can find one this week, or else I might have to resort to company's supplier. D:

Have a good week ahead! xo

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