01 April 2014

Alphabet Date: A & B

Last year I came across this blog about how her husband and her took turns on their alphabet dates, and you could already tell that I'm greatly inspired by her! Although, I'm sad to say, I can't remember exactly who that blogger is now. I wish I had taken note of her that time!

Before the start of this year, I told J this is something we could try. After a brief explanation on how it works, he showed interest and said "Ok set! Can I skip the alphabet?" Obviously I was like "No."


J took 3 months before he started the first alphabet (he insisted he should get the head start). I thought he wasn't that interested so I didn't really wanted to remind him or anything, in case he think I'm being persistent. The way he started was a little last minute and I'll tell you how.

We were at the IT show at Marina Bay Sands where all of the sudden he declared "Hey, let's start the alphabet thingy. It's a date night for us, ok?" I stood there, giving him my stonest look ever and went with his flow. *shrug* Nothing much happened for the rest of the day that I can associate with the letter, well except for a pair of earpiece that we scored at the IT show.

Yes, you can tell, I'm trying.


When it was finally my turn, J kept trying to fish out what I've planned. Of course I didn't give in to that! It was fun fishing his appetite. -insert evil laughter-

Both of us wore black, as usual. It was fun taking photo with Split Pic again! I know it sounds a little forever alone (the couple version), but you guys should totally try it if there's a chance. ;)

As I was fretting over what to have for dinner, J suggested Strictly Pancake. Breakfast for dinner, what a brilliant idea right? I have been wanting to give Strictly Pancake a try but didn't have the chance to, especially after the bad experience I had with the rude waitress at Prinsep Street. Plus, the waiting line is a major turned off.

I didn't order their pancakes with kinder bueno (!!!) and decide to try their savoury item instead. It was.... not to my liking. One day, we will go back there for the dessert. Kinder bueno, you wait for me!

After the not-so-satisfying dinner, I revealed on my plan on going to the beach for ice-cream (which was the reason why I didn't go for the dessert pancake). J wasn't in the mood of ice-cream at the beach, so we just pick a spot where we had picnic before and chilled there.

The sky that night was super clear, I was really happy when the stars are actually visible. I was raving about how awesome the view was but J was more interested in catching up with his social media (Facebook, Instagram) first before sinking into the mood. Real romantic huh?

No complain though, because when he was done with his business, we reminisced and talked about anything. Oh, I also further explained how the game of alphabet date can be done, which enlightened him further. *shrug*

It was a simple night, just the way both of us like.

You guys, after showing how the game can be done, J did pretty neat job with C. Can't wait to share it!

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