08 April 2014

Alphabet Date: C

After showing J how I played around letter B for our date, he did a pretty good job for this letter! Well, at least it's so much better than A.

J had the most random craving sometimes. Actually, that makes the two of us actually. Though I didn't feel like it, we had dinner at Ocean Curry Fish Head for its claypot curry fish head. Duh. We had wanted prawn paste chicken, they didn't have; sambal kang kong, neither. So we settled for just the claypot curry in the end, but it was satisfying enough.

I'm surprised that J remembered I needed to stock up on my postcards. We headed straight to Chinatown, thank goodness the crowd was that scary (ie lots of human). It was a fruitful trip because I bought $8 worth of postcards. Hur. Don't go judging!

We wandered around a little bit because the outdoor hawker was somewhat new to our eyes. Some of the food prices were moderate while others are just total ripped off. Talking about food, how can we end the day without desserts?!

To be honest, J had suggested for cookies & cream ice cream the night before, then all of a sudden declare he didn't want it anymore and wants to leave it until this date. We had cookies & cream toast at Shibuya Toast. The ice-cream was very quite disappointing, but at least the toast was satisfying. Gaaah now I wanna have some cookies & cream ice-cream. .___.

That's what J planned for our C date! Not too shabby, eh? It's my turn next and I'm quite nervous (because I have yet to think about it and it's supposed to be happening this coming Thursday)!

What would you have done if you have to plan a date or outing with this alphabet?


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