12 April 2014

6th Anniversary Part 1 // Alphabet Date: D

Letter D has totally fried my brain. I only had inspirations until the very last minute (ie the morning of our anniversary date), I'd like to blame that on all the work and everything else....


J: So, where are we going for dinner?
Me: Well, I have two options. You have more feel for Italian or Chinese food?
J: I'm fine with any. You decide.
Me: Hmm... ok, Chinese then.
J: So, where to?
Me: Let's have dim sum!
J: ... Cheater bug.


We had our dim sum dinner at Swee Choon, been quite a while since we last visited the place or had dim sum. Law mai kai, carrot cake, har kow, beancurd prawn roll. The usual items we would order most of our visits. The Gang, J and I have this thing for their har kow and no surprises that it tends to be the most quantity compared with other dishes.

There wasn't any plan on the date list after dinner because both of us had wanted to be home early for the following day's staycation. We rushed to get the stationery we needed respectively and headed home.

Awkward pose is awkward.

I know it sounds effortless, but I did make a point to wear a dress! The last time I wore one was during J's graduation ceremony, which was like in November. Yikes.

What would you have done if you have to plan a date or outing with this alphabet?

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