25 April 2014

Friday Favourites #8

via Ruche
I love my gadgets black, but this gold watch makes me feel like an independent woman.

via The Wedding Scoop
The article on Aloysius and Melissa's wedding is the best one I read this week. I won't deny how I love their decision-making in replacing old tradition with a better logical move. J read it last night and his response was "So.... does this mean we can do away our gate-crashing too?" Boys. *roll eyes*

via Lisa Gutierrez
I want a baby lion of my own too!

When Emily showed me this video, I had to not start any work and focus on this. It was too hilarious, you guys! Poor dude, though. I've also watched the version with her mom, let's just say she's is quite a heroine.

via TOMS

via Fabuloustime
Remember the necklace version featured last week? I think I actually prefer the bracelet version, maybe because I'm a bracelet girl.


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