30 April 2014

May Directive

Time to set some goals for another month of The 2014 Directive!


I'd be totally honest with you, I can' cook for nuts. Well, I can only make easy peasy stuffs like instant noodles, packet cereals. Hmmm... yah, that pretty much sums up what I am capable of in the kitchen. It's no secret that I can be quite lazy and my mum didn't really force me to cook along side with her in the kitchen when I was younger. You guys can think whatever you want, I love my mum just as much.

When people know I'm dating a chef, their first reaction is "Oh, lucky you! You have someone to cook for you every meals." Erm, how about a no? I believe in the theory whereby chefs don't cook at home, it will be like working at home. J had said he is not like that and will prove me wrong, but so far my theory has been right. *flicks hair*

Since J couldn't be in my kitchen 24/7 to cook whatever I crave for, I thought it'll be cool to depend on myself in this area. So for this month's directive, I will be looking for at least four new recipes and at least attempt in cooking/baking them. Alone, to be more specific. He cannot stand the way I prepare my things and I might or might not be able to resist on killing him for his superior tone.

I digressed.

If you have any simple recipes for a lazy bum like me, please go ahead and share in the comments! I would so, so, so love you! Ok, I shan't creep you out further.


Journaling hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. The first week of April contained detailed paragraphs of ongoing of the day, which kind of stretched me too much suddenly that I stopped penning anything in the journal. I only resumed yesterday, bulleting the ups and downs I had for the day, even what I am gratitude for. Hopefully it's another slow and good start!

[X] January: TIDY AND NEAT
[X] February: WORK OUT
[X] March: READING

What is the main goal you are targetting next month? I would love to hear about it!

Take a look at what others aim to achieve this month!


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