15 April 2014

6th Anniversary Part 2 // Becoming Secured Girlfriend

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Upon stepping into the room, my mind went blank, I was speechless.

The heart balloons are.... cute. Ok, I have this fear about balloons, that should explain enough about the lack of enthusiasm. What made my heart melt was the hand-written well wishes from Mr. Mahesh Vadivelu and team, something totally unexpected. Even J himself was surprised. Another great experience at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore!

The dessert and fruits smell terrific! No wonder my nose picked up a strawberry scent, it was from this vase of strawberries! J naively asked if I think the "grass" can be eaten. Although somehow inside me I felt it might not be edible, I didn't want to challenge the J-chef and told him to try. No surprise who won and had fun giggling her guts out.

For quite a while, I have been mentioning how J got all secretive about the present he plans to give. I have also mentioned how sucky I am when it comes to gift. When I was checking out the big bathroom (no different from the one before), J suddenly declare that it's present swapping time. "Whaaat...? Since when are you so excited about gift. Fine, but let me warn you first, mine is pretty simple." I told him to close his eyes without peeping while I fish out a piece of thick paper, simply written and decorated by yours faithfully, listing out six reasons why I love him.

J: What? Like that only?
Me: I did tell you not to have high expectation. Don't want? Then return me, I can dispose it for you. *okay guy*
J: No no no! I want, I want!

When he was done reading, he told me to sit at the opposite corner of the bed with my eyes closed. He took such a looong time to get his gift out of his bag or whatever. I went like "Dude, it's just a card, right? Why so long?!" Yah, that was the impatient me. He presented me an enveloped card while lying front down next to me. I read it and felt rather secured emotionally, especially after all sorts of hints he had given me (more on that later). I gave a relieve smile, close the card and slot it back into the pink envelope. Then, J presented the final gift....

A huge ass ring! While lying down, of course. There are no family members or friends around to lip-dub a song, nor a mobbed proposal-cum-wedding, and I certainly did not plan the own proposal unknowingly. It was just a simple (and slightly demanding) "I want to marry you," said J as he flip open the top of the ring box. While my eyes was set on the big bling, these went through my head:
"Shit how will my parents react to this!?!"

I stared at the ring, looked at J, zoned out at the ring. He broke the silence with "Yes? No?" I think I looked at him at a good one minute and nodded my head. He put the ring on, while still lying on his front. From the start until the end, even reading the touching card, my eyes didn't well up with tears. Not even when he opened up the box, not even when he asked me to marry him. Reality only kicked in when he hugged me after putting on the ring and said the three words like he always do, only then did I got near the verge of crying. But nope, just welling up in the frame of my eyes, no waterfall.

Both of us laid on the comfortably bed - he finally delivered what he planned for good two months; me feeling all drained out from what just happened. It felt surreal. It still is.

Me: Why did you pick this ring? Some more such a big one.
J: I don't know. When I saw the ring, I see how classy and elegant it is. Right then I knew that is the one for you.
Me: Awww... I believe in that. The ring chose you.
-after a brief silence-
Me: Hey, why didn't you get down on your knee?
J: I did, with both of my knees.
Me: ???
J: On the bed.

I shook my head at his self-proclaimed uniqueness, but of course I accepted him for his weirdness. Otherwise I wouldn't have nodded my head at the presence of the ring. I'd like to say my sixth sense did somehow predicted something like this would happen, but J's misleading hints got me thinking on the worst. Something along the line of receiving a box of cockroaches, being introduced to a hotter girlfriend, break up. Yes, please go ahead and imagine what good hints J gave me. Pffft.

The next morning when taking photos with the image in my head, he knelt down on his knee and put the ring on for me once more, kissed the back of my hand and flash his filled-with-love smile. No words, just the assuring smile that kept me alive and breathing.

You guys, that is totally the J I know, the J I love.

"I wouldn't consider ourselves as engaged, until we actually register the marriage. You are not just my girlfriend, now you are officially my secured girlfriend. :D" - J


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