20 April 2014

The Sunday Currently #29

  • READING Once Upon A Time and Now email from one of the swap partners. She can make gyoza!!!
  • WRITING some ideas for Alphabet Date F. Though I am waiting for J to execute the E date, no harm planning ahead on my end, right?
  • LISTENING and watching Star Awards. I think those fans are going to have such bad sore throat after yelling the whole night.
  • THINKING of putting more snacks into my tummy. Gaaah!
  • SMELLING a faint Yankee candle. Mmmm~
  • WISHING there is something like Stitch Fix in Singapore.
  • HOPING for a good weather tomorrow.
  • WEARING PJ and ready to hit the sack.
  • LOVING how I was able to spend the past two consecutive nights talking and playing with En Qi and Zhan Feng.
  • WANTING to do some detailed research for the beginning stage of big event. Thinking about it makes my heart race. Yikes!
  • NEEDING a good laugh.
  • FEELING envious of LY and Sherry having an awesome time in Australia with Parry! D:
  • CLICKING on nieces and nephews photos on Facebook for mum to see.

Happy Easter! It's never a tradition to celebrate Easter in my family, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy browsing through tons of Easter party ideas and food!

I had a pretty normal Sunday. By normal, it meant I bummed around a lot, doing nothing productive. Maybe except for my first 10 days of #100happydays and this post. Heh.

Have a great day ahead!

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