27 April 2014

The Sunday Currently #30

  • READING the subtitle of the movie. I'm lazy to use my ears at the moment actually.
  • WRITING to-buy-list in my mind.
  • LISTENING and watching The Prince of Egypt, again.
  • THINKING what to have for dinner.
  • SMELLING smelly shoes. Actually, it's my mind playing trick. I was thinking of getting a mild smelling Yankee candle to display in office's shoe cabinet, hence the smell in my mind.
  • WISHING for good weather ahead!
  • HOPING the movie will be good.
  • WEARING grey t-shirt and jeans. Movie date time!
  • LOVING this morning's breakfast with family.
  • WANTING iced drinks.
  • NEEDING to work on room revamp.
  • FEELING warm. Hot! Hot!!!
  • CLICKING through nothing.

Have a great day ahead!

Peep at how the others' spend their Sundays here!


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