07 April 2014

Weekly Wishes #37

Let's recap on last week's goals!

• Start journaling (as part of my April Directive)
Although it is not a daily thing yet, I really like to commit that fifteen to twenty minutes at night to pen down thoughts on days I needed a vessel to pour into. I think this habit is a keeper!

• Clear iPhone photo albums
Hmmm... I kinda just did this.... in the office.... :p

• Stock up bubble envelopes and boxes
Sad to say, I didn't even go hunting for this at all.

• Have fun this weekend!
I totally did! Woohoo! Despite being awkward during dinner, I guess it's safe to say all ends well with good laughter. Now all I need to do is to wait for Intan to upload the full attendance group photo. *cough hint cough*

• Get working on anniversary gift for J! Omg it is happening this week and I have barely started! #panicmode
• Kick start on #100happydays! I shared the idea of starting this happy project on our anniversary with J and he said he would join in the fun as well! Though I doubt he would stay as long as I will. Heh.
• Plan for Alphabet Date: D version! It's my turn this time round and I decide to execute it on our anniversary, since J has been planning for our staycation this coming weekend which he has been super secretive about. I don't like how secretive he is lately. :\

If you still can't tell, I am pretty stoked about this week! Sure, it sucks to be spending 9 hours at work and it is only Monday, but that's how life is. Let me share a secret though, I am actually hoping Thursday is tomorrow!

How do you tame your excitement, other than by not thinking about it? Each time I see the calender on work desk, my inner self does a little happy dance. EEEK!

Have a great week ahead! xo

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