14 April 2014

Weekly Wishes #38

Let's recap on last week's goals!

• Get working on anniversary gift for J
I managed to rush it out before our staycation on Friday, though I was supposed to give it to him on Thursday. He didn't quite like it, I think. Anyway, I'll be sharing his reaction about it soon. EEEK!

• Kick start on #100happydays
Started the happiness spree on our anniversary itself, I even created a hashtag #etsp100smiles for additional fun! Feel free to stalk follow me on my Instagram to see what little things in life I define as my happiness!

• Plan for Alphabet Date: D version
Ok, ok. I executed this D date on our anniversary, I think I suck at it. At least I try, right? Heh.

• Share the big news engagement in details with you guys! EEEK!!!
• Not to do any planning related to the big event (can't wait to share with you guys!). Well, at least for this week. Everyone has been asking what will the next step be, but right now I just want to embrace the fuzzy feeling I have been receiving and not be in state where I stress over everything.
• Get back on track with blog and snail mail. Oh, and work.
• Try McDonald's Flaming Green Curry! Though I'm not sure if I'm ready for the toilet camping afterwards.

The weekend has been awesome! I am not kidding when I say it was totally a roller coaster ride. Though I am having a little hangover, I appreciate every single things that had happened, whether or not it was the best moment or could have been better. Everything happens for a reason.

Have a great week ahead! xo

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