21 April 2014

Weekly Wishes #39

Let's recap on last week's goals!

Share the engagement in details with you guys. I am so happy I did! J and I would like to thank all warm wishes from you, and he especially want to thank y'all for complimenting the ring! He felt more assured that he definitely picked the right one for me.

Not to do any planning related to the big event. Hmmm... let's just say it's more like 99% successful. I couldn't resist doing brief research about conversion and registration. The research on the former already gave me headache, don't even know how am I going to handle it alone when doing the research in details.

Get back on track with blog and snail mail. Not quite there yet. Yikes.

Try McDonald's Flaming Green Curry. I had this for lunch yesterday, let's just say it's sooo disappointing. #thumbsdown

• Hunt for 100 pockets photo album. I don't know why, but I just had this sudden idea of printing and saving photos taken for #100happydays. Anyone as crazy as me?
• Send some postcards love! I haven't been active on Postcrossing lately, but I am so ready to get back on track.
• Cook some minestrone. There is this craving at the back of my head stomach for a good ol' minestrone. The ones I had in the past month are utterly disappointing. I'm going to bug J for the recipes and some demo (YAY for free food) until I get what I wanted. #demandinggirlfriend #sorrynotsorry

This week I'm going easy on myself and my brain, though my mind is filled with all the uncertainties. I am here typing away but my brain is thinking about "What if this.... what if that...." and those questions set my heart racing in a nervous speed. One of those moments, you know?

Have a great week ahead! I know I am praying one for myself. xo

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