01 May 2014

#100HappyDays // Day 11 to 20

It has definitely been a while eating together with family!

Putting on new PJ on a night feeling sucky (can't blame anyone but myself for napping immediately after a full dinner) makes it slightly better.

Meiji Milk Cookie. I like this more than Hokkaido Melon!

He is the last on the list every night before bed time.

After a month or so at J's place, this bugger is finally going home with me! (Not JT, though I am secretly wishing.)

A send-and-receive-lots-of-updates session.

Planning for F while waiting for J and his E.

Watching Star Awards with him is busy on my part because I have to translate the jokes for him.

It has been a down ride kind of day; whatever can go wrong had gone wrong. Even little things like bolster and BearBear really helped to soothe the soul.

I haven't shop in a while, but when I do it's for the kids. #bestauntaward

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