10 May 2014

#100HappyDays // Day 21 to 30

Being sick makes everything seem so dull, I just wanna lay my butt in bed the while day. Finding gratitude to pen down really help keep me sane.

Obviously we are not good at selfie, whether healthy or sick.

I'm dying at the adorable feed @nala_cat has!!! The big pupils are killing me!

The scene of J playing with the kids after they've warmed up to him never fail to melt my heart.

Watching tv with mum while coughing my lungs out.

Flipping back the lesser-responsibilities-period makes me wanna ditch work and have fun all day long.

Have been in the fence on BlogLife e-course, but decided to join in the fun with many others! Excited to see where this is lead me to!

Went in to the store wanting to get only something (in this case Beach Walk) to secretly placed in office's shoe cabinet, but I can't resist the yummy Vanilla Cupcake!

Receiving mails are always happy (I am obviously not talking about bills), but getting one from a local swapper is extra surprising!

"Hai. Don't be fooled by my grumpy look, I am actually quite loving. Oh, I am not fat too. It's.. er, the fur. Yes, the fur."

Have you take part in the #100happydays programme? Come on aboard! Follow me on Instagram to see what I identify as my little happiness in daily life.

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