23 May 2014

Friday Favourites #11

via Handmade with love by Julia Wine
When I saw these coasters, I think of summer pool side party!

via imgur
I. Am. Dying!

via @zomgitsashok
The sky was extremely orange during sunset the other day. I was enjoying the sight before it turned dark at home with the companion of J. The next day, a couple of my friends shared photos of the orange sky from their perspective. So jealous. So, so jealous.

via Ruche
Recent months I have this thing for bows. Don't worry, there wasn't any impulsive purchasing, yet. This bag just brought the whole shopping mood up a notch!

via Disney
I was so excited when I read this 63 Magical Disney Movie Facts You Should Know article! For those of you who watched Frozen for XX times, did you spot Rapunzel and Flynn?

You guys!!! This is just the most adorable video I've watched this week!

via Zalora Singapore
You guys know I am lazy right? When I see playsuits like this, it makes me think how convenient it is to look good when hanging out and then just plunge into bed comfortably without any hassle.



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