04 May 2014

The Sunday Currently #31

  • READING messages on WhatsApp. They really crack me up!
  • WRITING a draft for my About page. Eeep!
  • LISTENING to songs on Youtube, other than my own coughing sound and upstairs neighbour dragging their furnitures.
  • THINKING of snacks. I should probably get a packet of chips.
  • SMELLING nothing. No thanks to the flu bug.
  • WISHING there is no such thing as falling sick, so everyone can live happily ever after! Yah, right.
  • HOPING I didn't and won't spread the virus to anyone I have been in and going to have contact with. Oh man.
  • WEARING white shirt and FBT shorts. I would still have my PJs on after my medication earlier on, but the drowsiness couldn't knock me out. So.... here I am.
  • LOVING how I am able to stay sane even being frustrated at myself for being sick. Well, at least I have got great plans to look forward to.
  • WANTING some TLC. What?
  • NEEDING a magic spell that can instantly stop this flu-fever-cough combination.
  • FEELING shitty, still. All the medication I have from before don't seem to be working well. Damn.
  • CLICKING through photos for my About page.

Have a great day ahead!

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