12 May 2014

Weekly Wishes #42

Let's recap on last week's goals!

• Recover by this weekend. I guess it got much better before Friday. I mean, as of now I am still having dry coughing. Stupid itching at the throat. Other than that, I haven't been taking my medication since then but increasing my fluid intake and avoiding food like ice-cream and such that will worsen the cough. So far so good!

• Finish up Project Life for the proposal. Ah, this so did not happen. I'm actually in the midst of whether to continue digital version or to actually give a shot at the album version. Wait, what IF I keep both of the versions? :o

• Research for a possible trip at the end of the month. I actually hit the rock bottom while doing research for the trip. While waiting for schedule confirmation from J's brother, I realised my exam falls on the day after our desired return date. My gut feeling tells me this trip will be postponed to a later date, if it's going to happen.

This week's goals:
• Sort and clean up work desktop. New sets of computer are arriving this Thursday, I better do some spring cleaning since this current PC will be transfer to another colleague. #ihatecleaning
• Cook something. As part of my May Directive, I am aiming to cook/bake this month but have yet to do so. I saw a pretty simple - I am dead serious when I say simple, it's like no brainer kind of simple - snack on Michelle's blog, can't wait to try it!
• Quick revamp on side bar introduction. Over the weekend I had the chance to take photo with a real beautiful natural light. It's official, I have a thing for big windows! Anyhoo, I'm not sure if I will still go ahead to use the photos or not. I thought they looked as if I'm a porn star wannabe posing, but J assured me they do not look anything like that. Yikes.

I'm trying my best to tell my brain it's Monday and not last day of the work week. Well, can't blame me since it's public holiday tomorrow thanks to Vesak Day. Can't believe I'm going to have two Monday blues this week. Oh man. I'll probably spent some time on the line (sorry, I've recently watched The Internship) with Blog Life lessons and work on my very own. Bumming around doing nothing sounds pretty good too. Er...

Have a great week ahead! xo

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