19 May 2014

Weekly Wishes #43

Let's recap on last week's goals!

• Sort and clean up work desktop. Would you be surprised if I tell you this clean up was only done minutes prior the change of my work computer? Haha! It was all good though. The new desktop are sitting on my work desk, so I'm pretty excited to start using on a bigger screen! Hopefully it doesn't give me giddy spells though. #fingerscrossed

• Cook something. This so did not happen and we are already mid way through May! Gosh! I need to buck up on my May Directive.

• Quick revamp on side bar introduction. You guys, I did it! How do you think of that short introductory section? Does it look like.... porn-ish? Yikes. Well, I'm pretty happy on how it turned out, for now. ;)

This week's goals:
• Cut down on bubble tea intake. Ever since I tried Mango Green Tea from KOI, I am a convert! However, I seriously need to cut down the intake and resist that craving. I may or may not have one with me now....
• Buy more books. This is more for the trip back to mum's hometown next month, but it doesn't hurt to get early in getting this ready right? Guys, any suggestions? Pssst... I'm quite a hopeless romance.
• Work on some swaps. I'm feeling stoked to start folding 100 origami stars and draft zombie apocalypse survival diary. I totally understand if you went "Whaaat..." at the latter because I am surprised to sign up for that myself.

It has been such an indigestion Monday, but the new computer at work really helped to bring a little fireworks. Well, I guess one good way to end the way is to snuggle under the blanket as it rain outside.

Have a great week ahead! xo

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