12 June 2014

#100HappyDays // Day 31 to 40

My hair is finally long enough to braid one side with much of it falling out of place! Woohoo!

After a crazy weekend, nothing like a pair of eye mask before bed time. Oh weekend, why you have to go so fast?

Had a belated Mother's Day dinner since brother was scheduled for duty yesterday. It was a very typical but much treasured dinner.

This dude followed me in to the room twice since my return tonight.

Domo-kun, are you trying to rap or do split like a ballerina?

Scored this cutie at Daiso earlier. I might start to have a thing for wrapping paper.

It's as if he knows I'm feeling shitty after throwing up that disgusting teh peng I had, he is just lying flat next to the sofa.

Nothing like spending time with you favourite fluff, right?

Finally some postcards with handwriting that don't require me to decipher for 15 minutes! #nocomplainthough

Working on some postcards swap

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