20 June 2014

Friday Favourites #13

via Zalora Singapore
I don't own a bikini (and don't think I will ever rock one), but this set is so pretty!

via TOMS
A couple of days ago I went to Rockstar with the intention to get a pair of TOMS classic, but they were sold out. Bummer. The shelf had a pair of this baby and I have been thinking about them ever since. I am starting to see it as a sign....

via Design Darling
This definitely helps inspire me to work on my room desk area.

I finally watched How to Train Your Dragon 2, and guys, there are so much feel! I really hate the fate of Hiccup's dad, especially after meeting the love of his life! Overall, I really like how much more mischievous Toothless is in this film, reminds me so so so much of a cat! *just died inside*

via FauxKiss
This print is making me fall in love with hydrangea flower.

via Ruche
This would fill up the GIRLY compartment of my imaginary bags shelf. ;)



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