22 June 2014

The Sunday Currently #34

  • READING and catching up on Bloglovin. It feels good to not see XXX unread posts there. Phew.
  • WRITING email drafts in my head. Excited to be feeling productive!
  • LISTENING to the United Stats of America. Something they said made me laughed as I was facing the laptop screen.
  • THINKING why the hell is it so warm. Well, an island with summer season during summer season just makes more sense right?
  • WISHING female didn't have a different set of body, so it won't be weird if I take off my top like a dude during hot days. Pardon my crude thoughts.
  • HOPING to work on the blog posts I meant to soon. Woohoo!
  • WEARING oversized t-shirt and shorts. I would be fully nude if I could.
  • LOVING how I've spent the past two days with J's dad and brother.
  • WANTING a glass of icy cold tea. Mmmm~
  • NEEDING to overcome my afraid-to-meet-new-people self. Yikes.
  • FEELING a little dumb. I saved my photos on my desktop but left home without transferring them to my thumb drive. Now, how am I supposed to upload them as I planned to? *face palm*
  • CLICKING through for the latest episode of We Got Married Global Edition.

I can't emphasise any further how warm this weather is getting so far. I could shower without heater, and that is something out of the ordinary for someone who can't handle cold well. I seriously hope the humid level will tone down or else it will feel like a drag to go out for lunch during working hours.
Grab an icy cold drink and have a great day ahead, guys!

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