02 June 2014

Weekly Wishes #44

Howdy! Great to be inching back to normal routine. I'm not 100% recovered, but definitely better than how I felt two days ago. So I guess that's a YAY!

This week's goals:
• Get two sets of packing list done. While I am excited about going back to mum's hometown this weekend, I am a little nervous about flying out again two days after our return next Wednesday. I don't wanna feel like a wreck and it would be unfair to J if that happens, so a checklist would more or less ease my mind a little.
• Change currency and update songs on iPod. I need to start reminding myself I don't have much time!
• Shop for books. This should've been done, but it's not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on scoring two romance novels. Any recommendations?
• Rest more as much as I can. No other better way to recover, right?

I would love to add in "Kiss my engagement ring more before the trip" since I'm don't want to lose a finger or palm when I'm there, but better not in case I might sound like a Bridezilla or something. I'm not crazy yet, really! Anyhoo, I will be keeping my fingers crossed as I embrace through this crazy work week before on leave for the whole of next week. You guys, I'm excited!

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