16 June 2014

Weekly Wishes #45

Let's take a look at previous goals!

Get two sets of packing list done. Well, this didn't happen. I wasn't too overwhelmed when it comes to packing for the two trips, I just check with my mum the sets of clothing she's bringing to Perak and J when packing for our KL trip. I just grab whatever since I never bother too much to dress to kill anyway. Heh.

Change currency and update songs on iPod. Managed to change currency on the night before we head to mum's hometown. I do regret not updating songs in my iPod earlier because I ended up no time for that. Pffft.

Shop for books. You know what, I managed to score two books! One each prior the trip, I consider myself lucky. Hopefully I'll be able to share them with you guys soon!

Rest more as much as I can. Surprisingly, the virus were all gone by the time I occupy my mind with preparing for the trips. Woohoo! Definitely in time for the food trips. ;)

This week's goals:
• Not die at work. Obviously I won't die literally, it's more of dying mentally. Everytime I go for leave, my desk will be filled. Definitely keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
• Plan on a possible revamp in my room. New desk, new closet (maybe not).
• Research and discuss about THE MOVE. The thought of being chained down and suffocating kind of scares me away from making the decision, but it is something J and I need eventually. Gaaah. I hate adult responsibilities.

I know how the goals sound dry and boring, but I definitely cannot procrastinate on them any longer. Planning always do more good than bad, so I guess it's better to start now then regret later with all the What-If-s.

Do you have any tips to share when it comes to planning for a big change that affects your future? I'd love to steal learn some tricks from you!

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