24 June 2014

Weekly Wishes #46

Let's take a look at last week's goals!

Not die at work. I didn't! I managed to sail through the week with a muscle ache due to bad posture at work, other than that it was a-okay. Woohoo!

Plan on a possible revamp in my room. Nothing was done, but Crystal did help motivate me a little with her desk!

Research and discuss about THE MOVE. No research was done, but I managed to talk to J about it a little. It's still quite scary to not know exactly how big the bubble is. I seriously need to do more research to learn more of what to expect.

• Send out mail for 100 Origami Lucky Stars and International Newbies. I am super overdue on this but thank goodness I have two different understanding partners.
• Do up travelogue. Apparently I have two eager spiders constantly asking about it, they are really helping in making me nervous. In a good way.
• Resume to Blog Life. I had stopped for a while and it's time to get back on track and catch up. Feeling excited about this all over again!

Piled up documents at work has finally been clear, well most of them. With that checked, I can now venture more into the fun part of my life (read: blogosphere)! Totally exciting, you guys!

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