05 June 2014

What If... I own an iPad?

Wow. Shocker. I know.

Although having one is indeed a good investment, it never occurs to me that I should get an iPad for myself. Of course, everything changed a while ago. I started reading habit, which got me on the crossroad of whether owning a hardcopy book is better or an electronic one is more convenient. Coincidentally, J suggested on co-owning one out of nowhere. Talk about having signs.

So it got me thinking - what kind of apps will I want to have right away if I ever own an iPad or tablet to say. Here are some of my favourites!

via iTunes
I was so jealous and full of envy when Wina got to blog during her train journey to Busan! I am not a hardcore blogger, but you never know when that BAM feeling of sharing will occurs right?

Candy Crush
via iTunes
Now, now. Before you say anything, let me clarify that I am not as hooked on this game as my mum. She is obsessed! With age catching up on her, it would do her better if she has a larger screen instead of trying to focus on a smaller one. I'm a good daughter, right?

via The 2ttf
Ever since I read the post by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, I am hooked on the idea of having my handwriting digitalised! I would totally name my first font after myself, duh!

via iTunes
As mentioned earlier, I am really torn between smelling a hardcopy book and carrying an electronic version. I like the feel of books, but such apps have made it so much more convenient and not forgetting space saving.

The beautiful swappers of May are here to share their top favourites too!

Meet Gabriella from Vulcan Sugar and Spice!

She has an iPad Mini and her favourite is Paypal! How can I forget that?! "It's super easy to be able to handle credit card transactions when I am on the road, or at a craft show!!" Go get those stuffs that are catching your eyes!


Meet the fashionable Hannah from An Old Story!

She owns a tablet and "frequently use it to waste time on". I don't see anything wrong with that. Heh. A super addictive fashion game Teen Vogue Me Girl is currently keeping her on the hook. I feel her pain/joy, I was once in her shoes!


Meet Samantha from Elah Tree!

She has an iPad and boy does she loves her apps! When we love something, it just seems unfair to single one out right? Samantha gave me her top three favourites - 1) Brushes 2) You Version's Bible 3) Instagram.


Meet designer Julia of Eternal Girl!

She owns a Window Surface tablet and is almost in love with their OneDrive app. "It lets me save photos and documents in their cloud server and I can access my files from any device." Talk about convenience!


What are some of your favourites? Don't be afraid to share them with me!


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