04 July 2014

Friday Favourites #14

via ModCloth
Doesn't this sandal shout SUMMER? If only I can wear sandals to work everyday.

via Little Goodall
This coat is literally bringing the maternal instinct from deep within me. I hope I have a daughter so I can doll her up however I like! Eeeep!

via The Meta Picture
This jumping llama totally brightened up my day!

via claudine hellmuth
This is waaay too adorable as a cupcake holder!

via Ruche
Though I'm not a big fan of front-long-back-short clothing (is there a name for this?), I like how flowy this dress makes me feel just by looking at it.

via Xiaxue
Looking at Mike's and Wendy's wedding photoshoot makes me melt inside! (It's normal, I am a sucker for engagement and wedding stories. Share yours with mine if you like!) Seeing this particular one on the rooftop makes me secretly wish that J and I will have a chance to slow dance during ours. Though.... I highly doubt so.

via A Beautiful Mess
With my hair growing and Summer sticking around, this hairstyle is one of the perfect ones. I may or may not be biased towards braids.



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