11 July 2014

Friday Favourites #15

via WishWishWish
You guys!!! Isn't this engagement GIF just so amazing in the sweetest way?! They are so lucky to have met that stranger too! Congrats again, Carrie!

I got a pair of new TOMS' Chambray Trim shoes! Yaaay!

via Garden of the Sun
I cannot forget this ring ever since featuring it last week. It's a pity that this is no longer listed in the shop, but not surprising since it's such a lovely piece!

via it's the little things
Just so you know, chances of me messing up styling my kids' are quite high.

via A Subtle Revelry
First we have desserts pizza, now s'mores cake. Human are genius beings.

via Skunkboy
Google's pair of eyes totally melted my heart! If his pupils were big, my nose will probably bleed.



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