18 July 2014

Friday Favourites #16

via TOMS
Saw a kid in TOMS walking with his daddy at CBD yesterday. Maximum cuteness, I tell ya! Those teeny tiny feet.... *nose bleed*

via frenchtake
I really like how creative people bring their favourites into daily routine. Isn't Chef Clément adorable? Eeep!

via Challenge Accepted
Seeing how the cats lounge so comfortably makes it a double-confirmation job well done! Congrats again on getting the room done, Kristin!

via Ruche
I haven't been shopping for bags (actually shopping in general) for quite a while, I guess that might be part of the reasons why I don't feel a pinch when I made an order for this lovely. Can't wait for her to arrive!

via The Nectar Collective
I have a thing for simple business card, even more so when the card brings out and represent its owner's personality. Have you ever make a card for your business and/or blog? I would love to look at one!



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