25 July 2014

Friday Favourites #17

via BuzzFeed
No other better ways to sprinkle a little bunny love by sharing 21 Reasons Why Bunnies Are Actually The Best Pets.

via CiChic
I must be insane to be thinking of sweater during Summer in an island where weather is almost like Summer all year long (have I confuse you yet?), but this polka dot sweater just make me wanna cuddle in bed all day long!

via Gardens Of The Sun
Lately I have been feeling slightly more lady-like, but that doesn't mean I am starting to dress more like one. Anyway, I have been gooing over items of such. Who knows, I might start wearing heels to work. (Not quite possible, actually.)

via CreativeLive
This is one awesome party idea! Also I think it'll be a hit with kids, especially those who don't fancy fruits at all. I should try this on my niece one day.

via Valentinolandia
Such a lovely (blue) piece! Ok, so I have a thing for blue.... but you can't deny this is easy to match right?



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