08 July 2014

KL before GCW

To be flying almost immediately after my trip back to Tapah was crazy. A good crazy. It was rather last minute where J decided on our travelling date to Kuala Lumpur, which was kind of brought forward from last week of June. Either way, it was awesome.

Flying via Air Asia, we landed at the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. It can be quite a bitch to be walking from one end to another to the Arrival custom, but not much complain from us since we were feeling all excited. Coming out to the public area almost made me forget where I am standing, it looked as if we teleported to some kind of shopping mall.

Not sure if it's due to one-time experience or improvement, locating the taxi booth for ticket was more straight-forward this time. There was something similar with the previous KL trip though, both taxi drivers were dozing off. Gosh.

Surprisingly, Furama was really cosy and clean. The best part was Times Square is walking distance from the hotel, real convenient to grab groceries and whatsnot. Oh, and Krispy Kreme, duh. The only boo part was J and I had problem connecting to their WIFI. Signal is the strongest in the living room and weakest in the sleeping room. What's the point, seriously? It didn't bother me as much since I'm not an addict like J. Don't tell him I said that.

Our main purpose for this trip was to relax. No shopping, no deadline, just eat to our heart's content. Not surprising, right?

Two spicy, one normal = Burn stomach, burn ass
I am so missing the fried sotong already!

We revisited Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant and Kanna Curry House. The former was something you don't see in Singapore (fellow Singaporeans, if you know of any of sorts, please tell me!) - big hot plate fried into awesome mess that will probably burn your stomach and ass if you had it pure spicy. Emily, J and I had a REALLY tough time keeping to with our new friend Corey. It wasn't spicy at all for him. Crazy gwai lo.

Emily has been telling me constantly she has new food places to introduce, but due to our short stay and special requests, she couldn't bring us to that nasi lemak place she was excited about. Sorry woman! I was glad she brought us to Coffea Coffee because I totally fell in love with her highly recommended drink (for a non-caffeine drinker like me) Peanut Butter Latte! Oh my god, you guys! It was the bomb! It was funny to see how Stanley and J hit off (thanks to culinary chats) while I got engaged on ego issues with Corey and Emily. Mmhmm.

How can J miss out the super cheap lan games at a cyber cafe near Emily's place?! I didn't want to test my motion sickness again so I played Plants VS Zombie while the three of them went on killing spree in L4D. Emily was the first to retreat from the game and we trolled around the-chatting-platform-we-first-met-at until they decide we should give Counter-Strike a go. It has been ages since I played that!

While trying to figure out on a map and a game room, I ended up teaming with Emily and the boys in another. You would think they boys would go something like "Oh, let's have a boy-girl team" or "We boys better go easy on them". Heck NO! They had fun owning us, big time. Obviously I did a victory dance in my seat whenever I head-shot J or kill Corey off. At one part where J and I head-shot each other, I was guiding Emily on my screen while the other team did the same. Silly girl exposed her head out the roof despite knowing Corey was at another rooftop waiting to head-shot any opponent with his sniper. Dang.

Overall the trip was great. J get to enjoy before a new chapter kicks off on his career path. We also get to meet new friends this time round! Corey was THE impersonating king. His super real crying baby, dog barking, Pikachu (really, he owns Brock Baker easily imo). Once he sang Rude by Magic! with baby voice, now it never fail to remind me of him when the song plays on the radio. As for Stanley, all I can say is we finally met him. The vibe he gave me is exactly like his Tumblr, the content speaks his style.

I'm excited to see what kind of additions the next two years will bring to us. Until then, I need to contain this wanderlust bug badly.

The above are estimated combined expenses of J and me. It might or might not be applicable to your situation. We travel differently from most people afterall. ;)


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