26 July 2014

Some of ME #5

In conjunction with Getting to know you E-Swap, I'll be sharing 15 facts about me today!

  1. My hair is not black, but brown-red-ish. I don't know where went wrong, but I'm genuinely my parents' girl. (I'm kidding, dad and mum. Of course I am your girl.) Most people in the family has black hair, except for mine. Along with my youngest paternal aunt and a maternal cousin. My hair looked as if I just dyed them brown, which to be honest I have NEVER dye my hair before. Ever. Thanks to my ability to exist small back in secondary school, I didn't get question at all by the discipline master. Except for the last year in school, my mother language teacher asked about it. Seriously? After almost 5 years?
  2. I have moles, lots of them. Big ones, small ones, hiding ones, visible ones. They were the reason why I used to walk looking down on the floor instead of ahead, the reason why I never have enough confidence to look at others in the eyes. As I outgrow the insecurities, though I still walk looking down but not as much, I embrace them as me.
  3. My eyes are not of the same # eye lids. Ok, that don't make sense, but stay with me. I inherit quite a couple of things from my mum. First, the eyes. My left eye has double eye lids while my right is single, a reverse of my mum. I know it will be a bitch when I start putting on cosmetics in future, but that's for the future-me to worry about.
  4. I don't put on much make-up. Eye cream, face moisturiser, BB cream, concealer.
  5. Manicure and pedicure aren't really my thing too, especially the former. Whenever I put on painting nail polish on my fingers, I feel like a handicap after that. Like, how do I wash my hair, how do I do the dishes. Things like that.
  6. I have curly hair roots. I didn't inherit the lucky genes of the roots curling inwards, so I pretty much look like a lion when my new hair start to grow. Annoying, I tell ya.
  7. My first two-wheel bicycle experience was at mum's hometown. The younger girl of me believed in "falling is how you will learn".
  8. Cockroaches are not my thing, at all. After being spooked by them (heavy downpour + bus-stop + manhole = roaches coming out of manhole + up in my sandals) as a kid, I can barely operate with the sight of any of them around alive. Only recent years I built the courage of killing the baby ones, but I can't do it without cringing. I'm cringing now at the thought of that.
  9. Butterflies used to spook me out too. Once when visiting a butterfly enclosure, an Indian lady's sari somehow flew slightly and part of it touched me. My mum said I cried as if I was beaten up because I thought it was the insect. Did I mention I was still a toddler then?
  10. I am engaged!
  11. I love to eat, with J mostly. It's like we can't think of better things to do but to eat and eat.
  12. Come to think of it, J had helped influence my weight. I used to be a constant underweight (read: 165cm tall, weigh at 43kg) until about a year ago when I started noticing the change. And by noticing, I don't mean constant asking "Do you think I've gained weight?" I trust weighing machine more than anyone else. Anyway, it's a good thing that I am slowly inching towards the healthier BMI bar.
  13. Selfie is never my thing. I am bad terrible at them. Very. Terrible.
  14. I love The Sims!
  15. The fact is, if you had read through all these and still reading this point, please know that I am grateful and had just given you a virtual hug. xoxo


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