13 July 2014

The Sunday Currently #35

  • READING unread posts listed on Bloglovin. I was kind of out of the internet world yesterday since I literally spent the day sleeping. It was goooood.
  • WRITING nothing at the moment and it's probably the best thing. I don't even want to lift a pen if possible.
  • LISTENING and conversing with mum as she cleans my room's window from corridor.
  • THINKING of a reciprocate engagement gift and had an eureka moment! Now I just need to bomb J with my excitement. Teehee!
  • WISHING time would slow down, or rewind.
  • HOPING for real sinful local food like chilli crab, black fried carrot cake, fried hokkien mee with lots of sambal. I think I just need food.
  • SMELLING baked sausages. Ok, I seriously think I am hungry.
  • WEARING my hair in messy braid from top to bottom, imagine the messiest Elsa.
  • LOVING the urge of playing The Sims. I haven't reinstall the game ever since the upgrading of software, but I can't until I get an external hard-disk. Hopefully I'll be able to score one before the release of The Sims 4. Eeep!
  • WANTING to start printing photos! I had a dream that I was done with first page of the album and I was so elated! It's definitely a sign.
  • NEEDING some snacks. I should probably get a few packs of chips later on.
  • FEELING heavy hearted since Friday night. It was really tough breathing through the topic with J (thank goodness it was over the phone), but it was sometime I had expected deep down somewhere. I would love to say no harm harbouring a slight hope, because it did harm me a little emotionally.
  • CLICKING lots of hearts as favourites on Etsy!

Can't believe the weekend is almost over. Too fast, honey! Too fast! Today's weather is so much more warmer than yesterday, I am just as happy to be caving in my own room away from the sun. How are you enjoying the last day of the weekend? Have a great one ahead!

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