10 August 2014

Alive Museum Singapore

Thanks to omy, I was able to sort of strike "Attend blog event" off my list! I had shy away from many invitations but decide to pluck my courage to sign up this time round. Although it was an individual event, it is still something to me. When I know I can invite one other guest to the museum with me, I dragged brought J! Duh.

All hail to MY King
Did you know I could've been a ballerina, if I wanted to? My caretakers (parents, aunts, cousins) always share how amazed they are by the way I tiptoe around the house. It's not just normal tiptoe, it's extreme tiptoe. When you think of tiptoeing, you would visualise a little girl going around the house with all her strength focusing on the sole of her toes right? Well, that's not exactly my case. Imagine this - nails of the toe are meeting the floor. Yah, that was how I traumatised their mind.

Anyhoo, when I saw this part of the exhibition, I was so tempted to put my leg up like this ballerina. It didn't happen for obvious reasons - (1) What if I can't bring my leg down? (2) What if it starts to cramp?!

"Let me Instagram this first!"
Somebody remind me not to be behind of J during emergencies like this.
The downside about going to places like this as a couple is that you only have each other, which leads to the problem when you need to be in the shot together like this. Our feet froze at the spot near this boat while thinking of who to ask the favour from. While a group of 3 friends had a ball of their time with one near us, another couple approached us to help them take a picture, which afterwards they kindly returned the favour.

Point is.... both of us are not photogenic. At all. The couple told us "Let this be romantic~ romantic~" and this was the best we can get amidst that awkward moment - we looked as if we're praying for someone to save us from this boat.

Coincidentally, Intan visited the museum the day before my planned visit. She even highly recommended me to check out the "pink booth" at the end of the exhibition. When she said booth, I had a photo taking booth in mind. However, it wasn't at all what I expected.

I told J about what she said, but a couple went in before we could. The very next thing I heard was a combination of glass shattering and the girlfriend screaming. I am no idiot, so I can pretty much imagined what that booth was about. Good recommendation, Intan. *side glare*

Alive Museum Singapore
Location: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)
Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)
AMS also provides packages such as Kid’s Birthday Party Package and Pre-wedding Photoshoot Package! For more info, check this out.

J found himself with some well preserved food instead of burgers
Speaking of food, do you like Burger King? J likes to get his Whopper and Taro Turnover crave fixed at Burger King while I truly have a thing for their Spicy BK Chick'N Crisp. AMS is currently having a promotion that will ensure help ease that tummy of yours after the exhibition!

Do note that the promotion is only available at Burger King Suntec City (it's just next to the museum, talk about convenience) and ends on 30th September. For other terms and conditions, click here to read more.

Overall J and I enjoyed this visit, it had helped us look at things in different perspective (get the pun?), and of course had fun laughing at the silly poses we had to take. I had Dee to thank for the heads up, I didn't end up wearing something I can't be crazy in.

While the indicators on the floor helped a lot in getting that final visual beautifully, it was almost impossible to have two different sets of people shooting different things. We were lucky it wasn't mad crowded on the day of our visit.

One thing for sure, I loved pushing him out of his comfort zone when it comes to posing for photos, especially with strangers lurking around.

I'll be flying away with my imaginary angelic wings. Until next time!

omy only sponsored us with complimentary entry to Alive Museum Singapore and has got nothing to do with any comments and thoughts stated in this post.


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