15 August 2014

Friday Favourites #20

via Ten Feet Off Beale
It always warm up my heart whenever I read articles about how bride picked the right bridesmaids, how they got the bride's back. For Alyssa's case, they were already initiating the help before she could ever hit the panic button. Sweetest team ever.

via design blossom
I hope my future cat will be as manja as Xiao Bai, so he/she will come up to me for snuggle and attention.

via Yankee Candle Singapore
You guys! Guess who's the new convert for Yankee Candle? J!!! A couple of days ago we went to the outlet at Parkway Parade when he said he wanted to get one to stash inside his work locker. He was debating between Fluffy Towels and Soft Blanket but eventually went with the former one. He even said our future home should have one too. Always the nicest when you hear things like that from a guy.

I am so glad my mum forced me to help out in the kitchen when I was just a kid, otherwise I might end up like this Mrs. Rich who had no clue how to crack an egg.

via Urban Outfitters
There is no doubt about what I am getting for J as our wedding gift when we get married. ;)



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