16 August 2014

Some of ME #6

You should know by now that I'm a lazy person. Like, really, very lazy person. (If you don't, I'll pretend you're new here, so HEYO!) There are times it gets to a point when I wished human didn't need food intake for energy to get through the day.

Hence, it should be no surprise I love instant noodles! They are fast, comes in already packed flavours, and whatever goodness you can think of. When I was younger, aunt and mum only cook it for me during fever time. Which means, during days I had enough of rice or the dishes aunt cooked just don't look so appetising, I would resort to pretending sick. It failed 99.9% among all attempts.

One perk of being an adult is I can make most decisions now. Some awesome, some not so. I can snack before dinner if I like (yeah babeh!), decide on what I want to eat for that evening. When I'm feeling lazy to cook and wash, lazy to make that slight detour to buy, or simply crave for it, I would end up slurping up instant kimchi ramen. Sometimes I think it's my soft spot, quietly calling out for me from the kitchen cabinet.

The best combination with this instant kimchi ramen is with cut sausages and beaten egg. Well, at least I love mine like that. I've tried with shredded lettuce and Japanese chilli flake on different occasions before, but that just don't cut out. Did I mention I enjoy experimenting with food? :p

What are some of your comfort food that you have a tough time saying no to? I'd love to hear about them!


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