03 August 2014

The Sunday Currently #36

  • READING and trying my best to understand the English-and-Malay conversation in J's maternal family chat. Maybe I am quite a gossip too. Ooops.
  • WRITING ideas for wedding outfit lust. (No, J and I aren't signing that paper any sooner. Yet.) Eeeep!
  • LISTENING to Oh Sit! on TV. I love the sarcasm from the hosts. Maybe I'm a little sadist today.
  • THINKING about heading to the nearest mall to grab a book or some postcards as per my Weekly Wishes, but the weather is totally not ideal at all.
  • WISHING The Move #1 will kick off smoothly. I really need to step out of my comfort zone during those classes.
  • HOPING for lesser family drama on J's maternal side. I have lived 25 years without any drama from my family members and I don't think I am missing out on anything, so please keep that away from me.
  • SMELLING nothing.
  • WEARING white t-shirt and flowery blue shorts. That's how I rock at home.
  • LOVING Wunderlist! I love coming up with To Do List, though keeping up with them is another thing all together. Besides, this app is clean and user friendly, so why not?
  • WANTING some takoyaki and sushi.
  • NEEDING what I am wanting. For real.
  • FEELING the itch to shop. Must. Resist.
  • CLICKING on nothing, though I'd love to be clicking on something. Am I making sense?

Can't believe the weekend is almost gone. I seriously am dreading for Monday to come, but I got to do what I got to. That being said, I am going to bum around while watching my niece create her imaginary house with blocks. Hopefully you'll have a good Sunday too!

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