10 August 2014

The Sunday Currently #37

  • READING and responding to the sweet letter from a swap partner Sofia.
  • WRITING reply email to swap partner for Lovely Letters August.
  • LISTENING and watching Unknown.
  • THINKING about the meet up with Wina on Wednesday. It ended better than I thought it would be. Turns out we aren't as awkward as we thought we would be. :p
  • WISHING weekend have been longer. I am not quite done bumming around yet. D:
  • HOPING for a cooling weather tomorrow.
  • SMELLING J is something I would love to do now.
  • WEARING PJ. I am all ready for bed.
  • LOVING how Xiao Bai ran around the living room and to end up under my right foot for snuggle.
  • WANTING something cold, but noooo.
  • NEEDING to cut my nails. Lazy~
  • FEELING sleepy, but a little reluctant to head to bed yet since it's still a early.
  • CLICKING on nothing.

Happy Sunday! The evening ended well with belated birthday dinner for mum, En Qi came along as well! It was time well spent as a family, but I have a feeling we won't be returning to the restaurant any sooner. Heh.

Have a great day ahead!

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