04 August 2014

Weekly Wishes #51

Let's recap on last week's goals!

Restock postcards. Nope.

Get a new book. Added a couple of books in the cart at Fishpond, waiting to collate more before checking out!

Catch up on Bloglovin feed. I managed to finish those unread posts on the day itself. Woohoo! Feels good to be all caught up.

Image Credit: Robert-Paul Jansen

This week's goals:
• Get those postcards. Seriously, no more procrastinating.
• Retain the remaining amount of sanity. A part of my life is currently forcing me to immediately turn into a piss-y woman, and I can tell you it's totally not healthy for my mental health too. I seriously need to learn and exercise turning off that part of the emotion.

I can tell you for sure this week is all about suppressing that rage (that can kill many) inside me, ignoring what is bad and doing what I do best. It's not gonna be easy, but damn I need to get this done or I might really kill someone. Who am I kidding? I don't kill.

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