11 August 2014

Weekly Wishes #52

Let's recap on last week's goals!

Getting those postcards didn't end up with the quantity I hoped for. Well, at least that's a start. Maybe I'll get a couple more this week. Heh.

Retain the remaining amount of sanity. I didn't kill anyone including myself, so I guess that's a yay? That part of my life did went worse, but I am lucky to have saviours. J was especially supportive this week with his ears (normally he is more keen to share his stories instead) and the meet up with Wina was the highlight of the week. We have been talking about meeting up but I procrastinated too much when it comes to stepping outside my comfort zone. Somehow, I managed to clean up two stacks of pancakes, which normally I will not be able to do so. Heh. Oh, the last saviour has got to be my journal. I have started writing point-form of the day with what I am grateful for, happy list and things that suck since first day of the month. This definitely helped so much in keeping my sanity.

This week's goals:
• Cook or make something. I have been itching to do mayonnaise chicken sandwich for the longest time, but my laziness got the best out of me. Smoked salmon sandwich sounds good too. Mmmm~
• Shower Xiao Bai with more attention. Out of a sudden, he decided to ditch the ignore-us-and-hide-comfortably-under-the-sofa and started pushing out feet just so he can snuggle under them. This action makes me wanna snuggle and pinch that nose of his.
• Trim VS Let It Straw. The hair ends.... seriously last warning. Each time I see a strand end being bent like a L-shape or forming a circular roller-coaster track, I snip one off. Sounds like I should probably get that trim, right?

What are you wishing for this week?

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