18 August 2014

Weekly Wishes #53

Let's recap on last week's goals!

I managed to cook something, although it's instant ramen noodles, it's still something! I had wanted to make mayonnaise chicken sandwich for J but that obviously did not materialise. Perhaps this weekend.

Shower Xiao Bai with more attention was an easy-peasy task! It's still so weird that he rather push our feet to get squashed-love instead of leaning against them. Well, he'll get whatever he likes!

Trim VS Let It Straw. My hair. Duh. I decided to go for a trim, soon. Very. Soon.

This week's goals:
• Have more plain water intake. For some reasons, I am feeling super dehydrated. I don't know why! Hopefully it's something that will go away after today.
Snack Bread lesser during work. I wouldn't mind if I was snacking on tidbits and chips and whatsnot, but the past week has been bread tea break! I don't normally go for flour stuffs, but heavy lunch made me feel so sleepy to the extend I would take whatever is avaialble. And yes, bread made the sleepiness worse. Yikes.
• Brainstorm for Christmas presents. "What the heck, Liz?! Autumn is barely here and you're thinking about Christmas?!" I know! I can't help it because whenever it comes to my nephews and nieces, brother and I had the toughest time deciding what to get for them.

I'm keeping this week as energy conservative as possible because I know my mind is keep going into the solemnization direction as mentioned yesterday. Sorry guys, it is officially beyond my control. Maybe I should find something else to keep myself busy with so I will stop thinking about it. Gaaah.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing currently to help keep you feel busy and fruitful? I'd be more than happy to learn a trick or two!

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