26 August 2014

Weekly Wishes #54

Let's recap on last week's goals!

Have more plain water intake was a success! Work has been super dry (get it?) and to slack off work for that 5 minutes means more time in the pantry to fill up my cup. Either way, it was a win-win situation, for me. Heh.

Bread lesser during work. Totally didn't bread or snack on anything! The pillow pineapple tarts don't count though.

Brainstorm for Christmas presents did not happen at all. It just didn't spark me to discuss with brother in regards to this whenever I see him off duty at home. Don't matter, we got tons of chances this week to talk about this.

This week's goals:
• Get those books shipped! I have a couple of books sitting in the shopping cart, gotta check them out soon!
• Work on wardrobe. Brother randomly mentioned about wanting to sort out his clothing, so why not do it together?
• Plan a bogus holiday. It's not like I have plans to go anywhere or intend to any sooner, but I kind of feel I need to do something fruitful for my soul. You get what I mean?

Monday has finally go by, boy does it feel so slow. It really suck to feel no plans ahead to keep me going. It's not like I have nothing else better to do, it's just not something I can have fun and be wild with. Not sure if I'm even making sense anymore. Yikes.

What would you normally do in times of needing to pick yourself spirit up?

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