31 August 2014

Week's End

// Colourful writing papers, envelopes with added waishi tapes, stickers. I am quite proud of myself with these loots! Got them for a stationery swap but I'm not sad to part with them since they aren't my type of writing instruments. I'm happy how the waishi tapes and envelopes turned out though, it's definitely something I will incorporate in future mails.

// Other than filling up Google Calendar and Wunderlist, I'm trying out something different by writing a to-do-list just for weekends. I really like the idea of highlighting done items as suggested by Melyssa! Pretty excited to see if this is my kind of thing.

// For the longest time, I have mentioned about the crave for iced tea. I finally get a Shaken Iced Lemon Tea with Hibicus and boy do I hate it. I'm not sure if it's the acidic level of lemon or that hibicus flavour. Only way to find out is to try its green tea flavour.

// I have no problem bumming around the house during weekends, but I'm glad I was out when the weather was this good. Blue sky makes me happy.

You guys, it's officially the last day of August! I have a nagging voice inside that is warning me about the number of times "Wake me up when Septembers ends" I'll be seeing tomorrow. Sorry, but the joke is getting old. Too told. On a lighter note, I'm having mixed feeling about how fast the time is going by. Sure I am happy as well J and I are slowly inching towards our solemnization period (this word because we have yet to set on a date), but scary to feel there is not much achievements done. I am sure it is not the case, but it just feels like that at the moment.

Anyhoo, have a great day ahead!

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