20 September 2014

Autumn Appreciation + Sponsor Spotlight

Being in a country where it's either sunny or rainy has its good and bad. On one hand, we can save a lot on seasonal fashion. *taps pocket* On the other, the Internet don't really help much in easing that envious crave with photos of beautiful outfits popping out in your face especially on Pinterest.

Of all seasons, I find myself falling in love with autumn years ago. Don't get me wrong, I like how refreshing spring is, how convenient it is to put on that adorable sun dress in summer and the countless snow angels you can make during winter! The last is still up on my bucket list. During autumn, you can often find me scrolling and reading about others' lives and experiences, with a very much puppy eyes hanging on my face. Yah, I have that now.

So I thought, why not share some of my favourites with you?

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Pumpkin wasn't something we often find in my home. Maybe mum know we wouldn't want to try something orangey in our rice as kids, maybe it didn't occur her to. Although since last year she started adding pumpkin into porridge to add on that sweet flavour. It was good.

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Tell me, how not to fall in love with these?!

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Have you ever try making a leaf angel? Obviously I have not, but the idea seems kinda cool doesn't it? Let's not forget I will obviously keep the perfect autumn leaf as bookmark.

There are so many things to love when it comes to your favourite seasons. There is a part of you which wants everyone else to feel the passion I had, but obviously dominating the world is not my forte. Yet.

I also have some lovely friends to share about their favourite seasons here today!

// Raewyn from Be a Warrior Queen
Spring has always been my favorite season - though in Southern California we don't get many seasons. Summer is glorious for a few days, but quickly becomes way too hot. Fall is filled with extensive heat, Santa Ana winds and fires. Winter is sometimes rainy, and sometimes 100 degrees. Springtime, however is glorious. Sometimes it rains, but more often it is sunny with a crisp breeze, perfect for spending time outdoors!

// Emily from Curator of Cute
My favorite season would be Fall because of the cooler weather, the beautiful change in the leaves and then everything pumpkin comes out.

// Karen from Fearlessly Authentic
If you've recently checked out my blog, you would know my favorite season is autumn! There are so many reasons for fall having a special place in my heart. First off, how can you not fall in love with the changing leaves? There is something therapeutic about watching a leaf fall off it's branch. For me, it symbolizes cleansing and letting go of the unnecessary. I actually have an autumn leaf tattooed on my upper thigh. The deep, rich golds and reds of the trees are some of my favorite colors.
This takes me to my next favorite, pumpkin everything. Burnt orange is my all time favorite color so naturally I am drawn towards pumpkin decor! I love eating pumpkin roll and drinking pumpkin coffee. Can you say PSL!!! I also go through pumpkin candles like it's nobody's business! Pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins....everything!!!!
Autumn is also the season with the most perfect weather. Hiking and bonfires are the greatest in October! S'mores could be a food group for me! Rainy days put me in the mood to cuddle. Who doesn't love cuddling under a big blanket with hot tea and a good book? The cool breezes make it the best sweater weather. During the fall, I live in leggings, sweaters, and riding boots. Some of my best outfits happen in the fall! I can throw on one of the cowl neck scarves I crocheted and I'm a happy girl.
My last few fall favorites are Halloween, Halloween candy, caramel apples, Thanksgiving, apple cider wine, and November. I could go on, but I don't want to write a novel!

// Jasmine from a pinch of jasmine
My favorite season is Fall. I love everything about Fall. The cool weather, the Fall festivals, the Starbucks PSL, and of course, Fall outfits. I am the happiest in a big, chunky sweater, cute scarf, leggings and a pair of leather boots. What more could a girl ask for? You can take a peek at some of my Fall Favorites this year.

// Danette from All My Love for All My Days
My favorite season by far is fall. I love what fall brings.

What is your favourite season? Share with us!


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