26 September 2014

Hourly Snap // 20 September 2014

When Linda from Fit, Fed and Happy sent the sweetest invitation to join the Life in Pictures Link Up, I knew I have to take part! I mean, my last Hourly Snap was in March, so why not?

10am // Though I planned to wake up early for revisions, I didn't regret the last minute change by lazing and sleeping for additional two hours. A big bowl of Lucky Charm cereals hit the spot, totally helped kick start a great day.

11am // Got my clumsy hands busy trying making a packing box out of the Lucky Charm cereal box, and it worked! I am no genius so this step and step tutorial really helped me a lot.

2pm // Yah, I spent that much time making a box and wrapping two. I feel sick in the stomach halfway through the wrapping (I never like wrapping presents) and almost swore those would be my last packing business ever. Obviously that is not going to happen.

3pm // The big bowl of cereals really kept me not-so-hungry, but decided to have late lunch anyway. Boiled instant soup, add in a handful of pasta and sausages. I don't know why I made soup in such hot and humid weather, but it happened.

4pm // I can get over how ugly the new card is. Whatever happened to my chic black?!

5pm // Finished up with Alaskan Women Looking For Love, with a bag of snacks of course!

6pm // More chilling time with Xiao Bai, my attention-seeker king.

7pm // Finally getting things done on TDL. I did warn you about my procrastinator self. I just realised I wrote Aug instead of Sep. LOL.

8pm // On the way to fetching meeting J at his workplace. It's my first time travelling to the hotel via public transport. Although I alighted at the wrong stop, it was still pretty awesome that I made it in time.

9pm // Selfie before moving off for supper!

How was your day like?


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