11 September 2014

Letter To You #3


  1. Learn to accept how others like to keep to themselves from time to time. It's not because they don't love you, it's just that they need their space.
  2. You know when to surprise me with an occasion four-wheels ride.
  3. Thanks for giving me the space bubble and alone time when I needed during revision, instead of asking the obvious.
  4. It was really fun and adventurous meeting you! Though it may be our first and last here on this small island, we sure will be connected by the WWW. All the best in the unknown future and travel lots!
  5. You are silly to be spending so much on a bicycle (and pissing your girlfriend off), and now see where you are?! Gosh. Feel better and get well soon dude! Looking forward to talk crap with you soon.
  6. Appreciate your concern and love, but leave my name alone. Kthnxbai.
  7. Snap out of the Bridezilla mode and hand over your worries to others! Enjoy the moment, stranger!
  8. When are you ready to meet the world? Be healthy, no rush in coming out but don't get too comfortable!
  9. What do you have left for yourself after delegating those work? Sigh.


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