08 September 2014

Weekly Wishes #56

Let's recap on last week's goals!

I shopped for Fill My Stocking swap shortly the post went live. Well, at least I bought an item as a starter. My partner seems to be a big lover of pink, so I got her a glittering pink washi tape as seen below.

Didn't manage to do any brainstorming for Lovely Letters September. I'll be giving it a good thought today. What gifts would you pick under the theme of 'Comfort'?

I got a little lazy and had only started on these morning stretching exercises yesterday. Well, better late than never, right?

This week's goals:
• Sleep on time. I have been sleeping later than usual for the past week, the tiredness kept making me look forward to weekend more and more. It's not really fruitful for my soul (and my eye bags obviously).
Last Friday I shared a no-bake cookies recipe and I want to try it out! I'm not sure how it will turn out, let's hope I don't burn down my house!
• Send out magnet for this swap.
• Final gathering of items for Fill My Stocking swap.

Good Monday! It started off right since I get to give J a morning call, and hopefully helped set his morning on the happy track. Heh. Weekend has been awesome! Catching up on Glee, lots of movie watching. It was definitely good for the bummer-self! The only downside is that the enjoyment was too short, like always.

What are you aiming to achieve this week?

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