16 September 2014

Weekly Wishes #57

Let's recap on last week's goals!

I didn't manage to keep my sleeping time on the ball this week. It's making me as tired as before. Definitely something I will improve on starting tonight. Let's do it!

Totally tried baking/making/cooking No-Bake Cookies on Saturday! Woohoo! Actually there was an ingredient missing from the lot - peanut butter - and I only realised it when I started preparing the ingredients on standby. The said amount of oats were a little too much and my batch ended up being hard like biscuit. Not too sure if it's because of the lack of peanut butter or the kind of oats I used, but the cookies turned out alright. Well, at least J didn't feel repulsive eating one, so thumbs-up for a first timer like me!

This magnet swap was completely forgotten even though I had it indicated on my TDL. The package is sitting nicely in my bag, all ready to be dropped in the mailbox though.

It's really difficult to be shopping for Fill My Stocking swap when I was in a mood of wanting-to-do-nothing. I'm quite bend to get this over and done with.

• Kick start Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt! The prompts seem quite easy to achieve and I am super excited!
• Gather up items for this swap.
• Shop and pack for Lovely Letters September.
• Get my motivation and routine back. I have been feeling stoned and not wanting to do anything since last weekend, that includes skin care and school revision. Gotta snap out of it real soon!

It's gonna be a long week since J is getting his off one day instead, we're both in search of something to look forward to. It's really sucky when both of us sink into this zero motivation zone at the same time. What do you do to feel better when in this zone?

Good luck for your goals this week!

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