23 September 2014

Weekly Wishes #58

Let's recap on last week's goals!

I have yet to start on the Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt as I hoped, but two swappers had already emailed their entries! I'm going to start this week and can't wait to mail them out!

Right now I am left with postcard and my envelope will be ready to go!

I made a packing box out of a cereal box for Lovely Letters September and it is on its way to Paige! Super excited!

Getting the motivation back didn't come in full force but definitely better than previous week. It's a good start for sure.

• Visit Baby Edgar! Cousin-in-law was admitted to hospital last night, they are still in the contraction process from what I heard this morning. I'm feeling excited for the couple that the boy is finally ready to meet the world!
• Survive the week without parents. It would means waking up extra early to clean up Xiao Bai's cage before work, more washing and cleaning.
• Continue getting that mojo back.

Wazuuuup! Started swimming in a pool of emotions - anxious, worried, tired, excited - after sending parents off for their trip back to Malaysia. I know my mum is excited to be back, with my dad this time round, but not sure if the latter is feeling the same way. I guess he got no choice and is pretty much stuck with my mum with this decision. Hahaha. Pardon me if I sounded like a kid in candy store, the not-so-sudden fact that I have the whole house to myself this week is a little overwhelming, in a good way. I would totally throw a house party, but let's fact it, that's not how I roll. *flicks hair*

What is that number one goal you want to strike off the list this week?

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