14 September 2014

Week's End

// Had sushi dinner with brother during one of the weeknight, it has been a while since we last dine out with just the two of us. Really nice to be catching up with his life, plans for after National Service, and of course gossips in his romance department though he is still single. What are big sisters for eh? ;)

// Yesterday I just felt soooo demotivated to be sitting in front of my desktop, heck, to be online. I don't know how to explain for the sudden urge to be disconnected for the day. The day ended up with me trying out the No-Bake Cookie recipe (which was part of my Weekly Wishes too). It may not have ended up superb, but I think I kinda succeeded for a first timer. Woohoo!

// Met this sweet kitty during a hunt for washroom while J waits to get his phone fixed. She actually followed me from the point we meowed, and she continue meowing when I was out of her sight after taking a left turn. Sweet right? We hung out a little while J went to the provision shop with the intention of getting a canned food for her, but too bad they don't sell anything for animals. Booo. Till next time, kitteh!

// A impromptu meet up with two ladies and the four of us had eight scoops of ice-cream. I am still amazed that we were able to finish off the plate. Mmmm~

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